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Gifford Primary

Our Staff

Leadership Team

Sarah Wilson – Headteacher

Ms Valentin – Deputy Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)

Mrs Kirkbride – Deputy Headteacher (Achievement Inc. Assessment & Lead Child Protection)

Ms George – Deputy Headteacher – Secondment

Mrs Parker – Assistant Head (SENDCo)

Ms Ball – Assistant Head (Curriculum) & Phase Leader Yr 1 & 2

Miss Robinson – Assistant Head (English Leader)  & Phase Leader Yr 3 & 4

Miss McLaughlin  - Assistant Head & EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs Vyas – School Business Manager

Teachers and Classes


Phase Leader

Rainbows (am) – Miss Ahmed & Miss Hollyer & Mrs Igidbashian

Butterfly (pm) – Miss Ahmed & Miss Hollyer &  Mrs Igidbashian


Phase Leader
Red Base – Ms Ahmed
Green Base – Ms Johnson
Yellow Base –Ms Mancebo (Yr Leader)
Purple Base – Miss Pierrepont

Year 1:

Phase Leader Year 1 –  Ms Ball
1G – Miss Kaur  (Yr Leader)
1F – Miss Hamaida (Yr Leader)
1R – Miss Ejaz
1D – Miss Perera

Year 2:

Phase Leader Year 2 – Ms Ball
2G – Miss Bradford (Yr Leader)
2F – Miss Yardim
2R – Miss Shah
2D – Mr Armstrong

Year 3:

Phase Leader Year 3 – Miss Robinson
3G – Miss Kumar (Yr Leader)
3F –  Miss Nicolay
3R – Mrs Ostrowska
3D – Miss Masih

Year 4:

Phase Leader Year 4 – Miss Robinson
4G – Miss Sirad (Miss Mistry on maternity)
4F – Miss Robinson/Miss Forrester
4R – Miss Sohail (Yr Leader)
4D – Miss Williams

Year 5:

Phase Leader Year 5 – Mrs Gill/Miss Chander
5G – Ms Kaler
5F – Miss Dawe  (Yr Leader)
5R – Miss Pallan
5D – Miss Settas

Year 6:

Phase Leader Year 6 – Mrs Gill/Miss Chander
6G – Miss Hussey  (Yr Leader)
6F – Mrs Gill/Miss Chander (Phase Year Yr 5 & Yr 6)
6D – Mr Klassen
6R – Mr Bate

Hearing Impaired Provision:

Miss Hughes – Hearing Impaired Provision Leader & Teacher

Miss Morris - Teacher

Non Class Based Teachers:

  • Mr Wakefield
  • Mr Weldetnsae
  • Miss Kaur
  • Mrs Wythe
  • Miss Forrester
  • Mrs Shah (Maternity leave)

Behaviour Lead

Miss Addison

Teaching Assistants

Hearing Impaired Provision

Miss Baker, Mrs Steven


Mrs Bal, Mrs George, Ms Fahey,


Mrs Leggett, Mrs Maschinchi, Miss Reilly, Ms Fahey

Year 1

Mrs Mullenger, Mrs Dhada, Mrs Jassal, Mrs Reed, Ms Jama

Year 2

Miss Itani, Mrs Jama, Mrs Taylor-Curd, Miss Kehoe, Mrs Gasiewska

Year 3

Mrs Kirby, Mrs Mohamedali, Mrs Hardy, Mrs Marquis, Miss Zlateva, Mrs Mindhola

Year 4

Miss Murphy, Ms Borbas, Mrs Young-Collins, Mrs Foster, Mrs Basharat, Mrs Dhunna, Mrs Mohammed, Mrs Mohamedali

Year 5

Mrs O’Connell, Mrs Smith, Miss Murphy, Mrs Ostrowska, , Mrs Ostrowska, Mrs Meskin, Mrs Borbas

Year 6

Mrs Abdi, Mrs Jeffries, Mrs McLeod, Miss Wicks, Miss Cooper, Mrs O’Connell, Mrs Marquis


IT Support

Mr Obaro


Mrs Summersell

Sport and Play Leader

Mr Wakefield

Midday Supervisors:

Senior SMSA – Ms Borbas & Miss Cooper

Mrs Piwonska  / Mrs Muhammad / Mrs Williams
Mrs Young-Collins / Mrs Dhunna
Mrs Meskin / Miss Upfold / Ms Harrison
Mrs Varatharaja / Mrs Dadral / Miss Hardy
Ms Esprit/ Mrs Farah/  Mrs Rajpoot / Mrs Mattu
Mrs Amjad / Mrs Baagha /  Mrs Dowlut / Mrs Hannibal
Mrs Nori/ Ms Mahmood/ Mrs Crosby / Miss Thavarajah

Administrative Team:

Mrs Vyas – School Business Manager
Mrs Baker – HR and Finance Manager
Mrs Baxter – Office Manager 
Mrs Carroll – Administrator
Mrs Sotiriou – Administrator
Mrs Walker – Administrator
Mrs Hardy – Administrative Assistant
Mrs Hector – Administrative Assistant
Mrs Verma – Administrative Assistant
Mrs Sparks – Receptionist

Other Staff:

Mr Townsend – Site Manager (Mitie)
Mr Abreu – Facilities Manager
Mr Koci – Site staff
Mr Mills – Site staff
Ms Niroomand – Place2Be Manager
Ms Sullivan – Place2Be  Parent Counsellor
Miss Turabi – Place2Be Counsellor
Mr Dalal – Place2Be Counsellor
Mrs Morse – Place2Be Counsellor
Ms Hickman- Place2Be Counsellor