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Hearing Impaired Unit

Gifford Primary School is the London Borough of Ealing’s additionally resourced provision for Deaf students and those with a hearing loss.  The Provision supports students in Reception-Year 6 who have an Educational Health Care Plan. Our students have varying degrees of deafness, from mild to profound, and communication modes (oral, British Sign Language and Sign Supported English). The Hearing Impaired Provision also oversees all students with a diagnosis of hearing impairment/Deaf in school.


Mrs R Tiago - Assistant Headteacher SENDCo 
Miss S BakerSpecialist Hearing Impaired Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Graves -  Hearing Impaired Teaching Assistant


The staff at Gifford Hearing Impaired Provision are committed to enabling our pupils to become effective learners and communicators, using both, verbal and non-verbal communication systems e.g. gesture, signing or speech.  By the term ‘communicator we mean the exchange and understanding of information, ideas, feelings, values and beliefs.  By use the terms deaf/hearing impaired to refer to any child with a hearing loss, irrespective of cause or degree. We use a ‘holistic’ approach to the teaching of language giving equal status to the development of emotional literacy and social skills as well as spoken, signed & written language.  We believe an individual child’s communication skills will be maximised when the school, parents, SALT and external agencies all work in partnership together.


We understand and acknowledge that a child’s communication skills are continually developing.  We accept and value all communicative intentions whether this is signed or spoken.



Deaf children are part of the mainstream school and attend classes with their hearing peers. They wear post aural hearing aids or cochlear implants and use radio aids when they integrate. The SENDCo, outreach team and specialist teaching assistants work closely with class teachers to ensure that deaf children have full access to the learning environment and the National Curriculum.  It is tiring listening through hearing aids throughout the day and deaf children benefit from daily withdrawal to the provision where it is quiet and they can concentrate on their specific language and literacy targets and receive pre- and post- teaching in various subjects. All sessions are either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. Mainstream teachers receive regular deaf awareness training from our outreach team about how to best include deaf children in lessons.


What is a teacher of the deaf?


Tips for teaching child with a mild hearing loss


Deaf children and support in the classroom: radio aids and soundfield systems



We aim to develop communication in English, whether spoken, written or signed. The mode of communication is dependent upon the student. The use of British Sign Language enables some students to access the mainstream curriculum, for others it is their first language.



The SENDCo attends transitional reviews at Year 6. This may be followed up by additional visits to Primary Schools if required. Our students have gone on to attend a variety of schools including Oak Lodge, Blanche Neville, Heston Community College and Vyners.