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Learning Ambassadors

Each class from Year 1-6 has two nominated Learning Ambassadors. It is the role of these two pupils to welcome any adults who may visit their classes and explain and present the learning that is going on at the time. They will also be on hand to answer any questions the adult may have.


Below is a list of all the Learning Ambassadors for 2021-22:

Year group


Nominated Learning Ambassadors  

Year 1

1 Emerald

Amela, Harlem

1 Indigo

Rawaan, Ibrahim

1 Magenta

Scarlett, Diago

1 Ochre

Adam, Kitana

Year 2

2 Bleriot

Elsa, Muaad

2 Coleman

Latifah, Aiden

2 Johnson

Lorenzo, Fernando

2 Wright

Noya, Abel

Year 3

3 Belfast

Eliza, Mofope

3 Cardiff

Sarah, Yusuf

3 Edinburgh

Lana, Sherwin

3 London

Ariya, Zachariya

Year 4

4 Amazon

Eyoel, Harnoor

4 Nile

Munir, Emily

4 Thames

Kiara, Syed

4 Tigris

Mila, Ilyas

Year 5

5 Athens

Kasyana, Amr

5 Corinth

Yalisa, Jawood

5 Olympia

Eshaal, Aadi

5 Sparta

Samah, Ayush

Year 6

6 Al-Biruni

Mannat, Yaseen

6 Bell-Burnell

Caliope, Hasana

6 Copernicus

Adam, Sana​

6 Galileo

Aadityaa, Amina