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Gifford Primary School

Be Strong, Be Kind, Be Proud

School Vision and Values

Our Vision


Be Strong, Be Kind, Be Proud


Our Mission


With the support of our school community we ensure we:

  • Develop self-motivated learners who demonstrate resilience and pride in everything they do.
  • Foster critical thinkers through rich, tailored and exciting learning opportunities.
  • Nurture our global citizens to be socially responsible.
  • Promote the importance of mutual respect, positive well-being and kindness.
  • At Gifford our rigorous and forward thinking approach to teaching ensures learners have the tools needed to continue on their educational path.


Our Values


  • Educating for Life
  • Our values are strength, kindness and pride.


We have a 'give it a go' attitude
We start each day with a positive attitude
We always try our best even when things are tricky
We are resilient and don't give up; we keep going, learning from our mistakes and building on them

We are kind to each other, children and adults
We are kind to the new people we meet
We are kind to our environment and to the living things in it
We are kind to ourselves and our bodies

We take pride in all our achievements
We take pride in our appearance and our behaviour
We take pride in the work that we do
We take pride in our community