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At Gifford Primary School, we believe that Science answers some of the big questions in life. It includes the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics through theoretical understanding and practical application. Science is all around us and engaging with it allows children to understand much of how the world works. We want our children to be excited by Science, to be curious, to question and to challenge. We want them to recognise that our society’s understanding of Science is not fixed; it is forever changing, developing and progressing and they are a part of that.



- Bringing Science to life

Working scientifically through observing over time; pattern seeking; identifying, classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing  is vital in order to help children see science ‘happening’ in front of them.  Our curriculum is based on a progressive sequence of knowledge and concepts which enable effective scientific investigations to occur. Technical vocabulary (through the use of pupil generated vocabulary pages) is embedded into lessons to ensure precise scientific explanations and writing, where appropriate, can be produced. Science has strong links to Maths, English, P.E, Art, and D&T in order to deepen understanding and enhance enjoyment of this core subject.



– Assessment

Assessment is continuous, ongoing and evidenced through the use of our marking policy. Assessment may also be more formal such as a task at the start and end of a topic, a game, mini quizzes or a final piece of writing to demonstrate understanding. Scientific skills as well as factual knowledge will be assessed in order to decide whether a child is working towards, at expected or working above the expected standard.


Early Years

In the Foundation Stage Science is covered in ‘Understanding the World’. Children explore and investigate the natural world as well as themselves. Through daily activities children are encouraged to develop their observational skills, make predictions and notice links in their learning. The forest school enables children to develop their sense of exploration of plants and natural materials.                      

Curriculum Overview

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding Progression