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Class Names

Our classes names, all relate to our wonderful, diverse curriculum. Below is the rationale for each name in each year group:


Year 1: Colours (Art Link)

  • Magenta
  • Emerald
  • Ochre (say ‘oaker’)
  • Indigo


Year 2: Aviation Pioneers (History Link)

  • Johnson - Amy Johnson was a British woman aviator who was the first woman to fly solo to Australia.
  • Wright - Americans Orville and Wilbur Wright (the Wright brothers) made the first controlled flight of a powered, heavier than air aircraft.
  • Blériot - Frenchman Louis Blériot made the first powered monoplane and flew it across the Channel.
  • Coleman - Bessie Coleman was the first African American woman to gain a pilot’s license.


Year 3: Cities (Geography Link/Consolidation from KS1)

  • Cardiff
  • Belfast
  • Edinburgh
  • London


Year 4: Rivers (Geography/History Link)

  • Nile (link to the Y4 history topic on Ancient Egypt)
  • Amazon (link to the Y4 geography topic on the rainforest)
  • Thames (link to Y6 geography topic children will do)
  • Tigris (link to Y6 history topic children will do on Early Islamic Civilisation)


Year 5: Greek city-states (Ancient Greece History Topic)

  • Athens
  • Sparta
  • Corinth
  • Olympia


Year 6: Astronomers (History Link)

  • Al Biruni (Iranian scholar of the Islamic Golden Age/10th century)
  • Copernicus (15th century Polish astronomer and mathematician)
  • Galileo (17th century Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer)
  • Bell-Burnell (Northern Irish astrophysicist, discovered the first radio pulsars; became president of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Institute of Physics)