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Be Strong, Be Kind, Be Proud

Curriculum Statement

Gifford Primary School's Curriculum Overview

At Gifford Primary School, our pupils are at the heart of everything we do. We value a broad and well-planned curriculum that promotes and instils a love of learning, challenges children to achieve high standards and develops their awareness of the wider world.


We use the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Framework as a starting point but have adopted a topic-based approach and personalised it to the pupils and families of Gifford and the local area, celebrating our wonderful rich culture and diversity. Our core values of strength, kindness and pride are threaded throughout our curriculum to ensure we develop good characters and responsible citizens. 


We believe a strong understanding of basic skills will enable pupils to be successful in all aspects of their learning. English and Maths are key life skills and therefore at the centre of what we do.


Gifford Primary School's Curriculum Overview

At Gifford Primary School, our commitment to providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience is reflected in our thoughtfully crafted, ambitious curriculum. Our focus is on nurturing a love for learning, instilling high standards and fostering awareness of the wider world.


Our core values - Be Strong, Be Kind, Be Proud 

Our core values of strength, kindness and pride are woven into the fabric of our curriculum. By emphasising these values, we aim to develop not only academically proficient pupils, but also individuals with good character and a sense of responsibility to their community and their responsibility as global citizens.


The National Curriculum, EYFS Framework & core skills 

When designing our curriculum, we begin with the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Framework as a foundation. We take a thematic approach, personalised to our local area and community. 


Recognising the significance of English and Maths as fundamental life skills, we place them at the core of our educational approach. We believe that a strong foundation in these skills equips pupils for success across all areas of learning.


Heritage & Diversity 

Gifford is proud of its wonderfully rich culture, diversity and heritage of its community and local area and we use every opportunity to celebrate this across our curriculum. We recognise the importance of our pupils and families feeling represented in their learning and value the engagement we get from this. 


Depth of understanding

Knowledge is carefully planned and sequenced in all curriculum areas, so that pupils can build on prior learning, make connections and consolidate, promoting a depth of understanding. Our curriculum promotes deep learning and knowledge acquisition by revisiting learning objectives in different contexts over time. This approach, carried out at increasingly challenging levels, ensures that pupils meet and exceed National Curriculum objectives.


Cultural Capital and Enrichment 

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, our curriculum incorporates visits, workshops, school and community events, and competitions. These experiences not only provide opportunities to embed and enhance learning but also contribute to the development of cultural capital.


Holistic Development and Personal Development 

Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on personal development, ensuring that pupils not only excel academically but also grow into well-rounded individuals. This focus extends to all aspects of SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural) development.


The integration of fundamental British values is a key aspect of our curriculum, fostering a sense of citizenship, respect and responsibility among our pupils. This integration extends beyond the classroom and becomes a focus in our extra-curricular activities.


Gifford Primary School’s curriculum is a dynamic and inclusive framework that goes beyond academic achievement, nurturing the holistic development of each child while celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our community.