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SEND & Inclusion


Safeguarding & Inclusion Lead: Ms Cadman

SENDCo: Mrs Tiago 

SENDCo Assistant: Ms Summers

SEND Teacher (EYFS): Mrs Cooney-Quinn

SEND HLTA (KS1): Mrs Gasiewska

SEND Teacher (KS2): Miss Akrill

EYFS SEND Learning Assistant: Mrs Abboud

EYFS SEND Learning Assistant: Mr Cornish

KS2 SEND Learning Assistant: Mrs O’Connell

Speech and Language Learning Assistant: Mrs Dhunna


Whole Schools Aims/Ethos

Gifford Primary School is a fully inclusive school where we aim to meet the needs of all pupils through a rich and varied academic and social curriculum with regard to the National Curriculum guidelines 2014. We are fully committed to enabling all pupils to reach their full potential irrespective of their gender, age, ethnicity, religion, ability and social background, in line with the Equalities Act 2010.


At Gifford Primary school we welcome all children with special educational needs as part of our community, and we will ensure that all pupils have an equal opportunity to engage in the curriculum. We take our responsibilities of equality very seriously and work hard to ensure that everybody connected to the school is made to feel welcome and provided with the resources and support to enable them to enjoy and feel fully involved in the Gifford family. 


How do we support pupils?

We endeavour to educate all children, as much as possible within the classroom with their peers. This is achieved through the adaptation and differentiation of work. We also recognise that there are times when it is desirable for a group of children with similar needs to work together with specialist help. We work closely with our teachers, teaching assistants, special needs team and external professionals to deliver an inclusive curriculum and to ensure that the correct support is in place for our children.


We also have our own sensory room for the children with additional sensory needs to thrive and feel safe and secure. 


Parental Partnership

We understand that having a child with special educational needs can be challenging and sometimes isolating for parents. To support parents through this journey we host SEND parent coffee mornings and afternoons, which gives our parents the opportunity to share, advise and support each other.


We know that for parents, communication and understanding of the individual is key to a successful education and we hope that by working together we can ensure that every child at Gifford Primary School can achieve and be successful.


Provision for Deaf Pupils 

Deaf children are part of the mainstream school and attend classes with their hearing peers. They wear post aural hearing aids or cochlear implants and use radio aids when they integrate. The SENDCo, outreach team and specialist teaching assistants work closely with class teachers to ensure that deaf children have full access to the learning environment and the National Curriculum.  It is tiring listening through hearing aids throughout the day and deaf children benefit from daily withdrawal to the provision where it is quiet and they can concentrate on their specific language and literacy targets and receive pre- and post- teaching in various subjects. All sessions are either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. Mainstream teachers receive regular deaf awareness training from our outreach team about how to best include deaf children in lessons. 


Tips for teaching child with a mild hearing loss


Deaf children and support in the classroom: radio aids and soundfield systems



We recognise that transitions can be difficult for any child; a child with SEND may find change even more challenging, depending on the nature of their needs. Therefore, steps are taken to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible.


Transition Arrangements in EYFS

EYFS children are provided with the following opportunities:

  • Welcome Workshop, including informal coffee and biscuits; this gives parents the opportunity to meet senior leaders, as well as EYFS staff, in a relaxed situation.
  • Stay and Play; this gives children the opportunity to visit their new classroom and meet the EYFS staff.
  • Home Visit; this gives our staff the opportunity to meet your child in their home environment and for you to privately discuss any issues that you may have.
  • EYFS Coffee Morning; this takes place once your child has started at the school and gives you the opportunity to meet other families and staff.


At Gifford Primary School we have a flexible approach and additional visit opportunities or multi-agency meetings can be organised if required.


Transition Arrangements (Joining Gifford Primary School)

Involvement with the school SENDCO begins early for pupils with identified special educational needs, which can include visits to a current school or nursery before transfer, and attendance at multi-disciplinary meetings to ensure that key messages are passed on. Early identification of needs ensures a smooth transition and it is always nice for children to see a friendly, known face that they met in their previous environment, when they start at our school.


How we support children/young people with SEN moving between classes in our school 

Each member of staff strives to get to know each pupil before they even reach their class, and this really helps pupils to feel easily settled and confident. We have an annual ‘moving up’ day when each class visits their new teacher, which is a relaxed day for pupils to really get to know their new classroom environment.


How we support children/young people with SEN leaving our school 

Transitioning from primary to secondary school is a particularly significant change for children. Learning about change and how to cope with it will help them with this particular transition and prepare them for many other changes and challenges they will face in life.


We work in partnership with our local secondary schools; most of our children transfer to Greenford High School. We also have children who transfer to Northolt High and Alec Reed (as well as other local secondary schools).  This enables us to provide an enhanced level of transition for those who we feel would benefit from this. This may take the form of additional visits for pupils, one to one or small group working with secondary school staff or pupil mentoring from secondary schools. We are particularly keen to involve parents/carers as much as possible in their child’s transition to secondary school. School staff will take opportunities to work alongside parents/carers to visit secondary schools in advance of secondary placement applications being submitted to the Local Authority, in the case of children with an Education Health Care Plan.


The period of transition depends on the individual needs of the pupil. If it is felt appropriate, secondary school colleagues will attend annual reviews to meet the current class teacher, parents and most importantly the pupil. We have found this strategy particularly useful in easing any worries or concerns parents and pupils may have. This ensures parents/carers can make the most informed placement decision for their child.


When a child with SEND is applying for secondary school, support with this transition begins early in KS2. Mrs Tiago will start to explore considerations with parents about what they would prefer their child’s KS3 provision to look like. This may involve visiting schools, arranging discussions with transition workers and additional pastoral support – all of which Mrs Tiago can attend or support with. When a secondary school has been allocated to the child, parents are fully involved and consulted at all stages of the transition process.


The SENDCo and pastoral team also attend transitional reviews at Year 6. This may be followed up by additional visits to Primary Schools if required.


If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.



If you have any concerns about your child please contact your child's class teacher or your group leader. Alternatively please contact Mrs Tiago or Mrs Summers on