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"My son is thriving at Gifford. Teachers are very passionate, lots of extra-curricular activities. Safeguarding is key." "Parents Evening was very well organised and structured." "The best school ever, because ever since my daughter joined the school she has made very good progress, she has gained more confidence in everything she does, she told me both the students and teachers are very friendly and supportive." "I just wanted to say how utterly impressed I was by all the effort made by the school and children for World Book Day ‘witches and wizards’. Having just watched the YouTube video I can see what great lengths the school took in order to make this a memorable, fun and utterly enjoyable day for the children." "I’m grateful to have my daughter in this school both management and teaching staff are great supporters and great to communicate with." "My child improved at so many levels in terms of her education (reading, writing and arts) and also her personal confidence." "5 Stars school".

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  • Year 5 Ace Adventure Camping

    We are thrilled to share with you the wonderful experiences our Year 5 pupils had during their recent on-site camping adventure. The event was filled with joy, excitement, and numerous activities that not only entertained the children but also helped them build lifelong memories.   From the moment the tents were pitched, the atmosphere was buzzing with enthusiasm. The children participated in a variety of outdoor activities, including nature walks, team-building exercises and campfire storytelling. Each activity was designed to encourage collaboration, foster new friendships, and enhance their appreciation for the great outdoors.   The camp also provided valuable learning experiences. The children practiced important life skills such as setting up tents, cooking simple meals, and understanding the importance of teamwork and communication. These activities were not only fun but also educational, helping to build their confidence and independence.   We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ace Adventure Camping and all staff members and volunteers who made this camping experience possible. Their dedication and hard work ensured that everything ran smoothly and safely, allowing the children to fully enjoy their time at camp.   Thank you for your continued support. We are proud of our Year 5 pupils and the wonderful memories they have created during this camping experience. We look forward to more exciting adventures in the future!

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